At World's End

Into the Cave

Inject us with WHAT!?

After defeating the dragonborn raiders, you find that several warriors fled with captive elves. An elf sentinel told you that dragonborn had been raiding their camps for several days now, despite daily relocations. You tracked the dragonborn to an unmarked cave, where you encountered a new foe: Drow.

Sorn and Krayus convinced the drow they were bringing in new “test subjects” for the drow to continue to do experiments on. The drow also mentioned that if they don’t hurry up bringing in the “captives” that she would inject them herself. So far you’ve only seen one drow, though it controls several spiders, all of which group up and attack you in swarm. Combat is not finished, though the battle is looking promising. What you will find further in the cave you will have to wait to find out next week.

Session log:

Leave any questions, comments or concerns as a comment to this post. Thanks for a good session, I loved the bit of bluffing and stealthery. Hopefully you’ll get to do more stuff like that in the future.


If we start using more skills before combat, you might want to run it like a skill-challenge. Skills that result in direct actions to advance our goal count as success’ and smaller ones, like many perception, count as small bonus’ (It’ll really depend on how we describe what we doing I imagine). Then we keep going until we hit 3 failures and then a combat starts. Depending on how many skill checks we recieve, we get different bonus. If we pass 4 (a complexity 1) we get a surprise round, or a bonus to attacks. If we pass 6 maybe there will be one less enemy to fight (Or the enemy turns into a minon or two), going all the way up to if we pass all 12 checks for a complexity 5 in which case we skip the combat entirely but still get the full XP amount. The only problem would be for those things you would have to have the encounter flexible enough for us to get in 12 skill checks without just standing around in one place rolling the same things over and over.

Maybe you could try splitting the skill check up, so if we pass the first 4-6 checks the combat is delayed, we get let into the area or whatever. And then later we’ll have to pass another 4-6 checks that was related to the first one, so we still have the same number of encounters (both combat and skill), it’s just moved around a bit.

Anyway, just my thoughts on trying to use different things to get around combat. Take it for what it’s worth.

Into the Cave

It’s a good idea, and I’ve toyed with encounters like that before, but haven’t had a chance to implement one. If I were to do the previous encounter over again, I’d have started a second skill challenge as soon as everyone was brought into the room, which focused on you explaining why there were non-elves in the group, and if you succeeded that, you could have won the encounter as you got close enough to effectively knock her out or coup-de-grace the drow without much damage. However, hindsight is 20/20, so I’ll remember this for the future though.

I really like skill challenges as a method to “sum up” several different actions, so I will hopefully be incorporating more of them, especially into combat as alternative victory goals. Of course, I might not always tell you that you have the opportunity to use skills in combat, but I also won’t make your skill checks worthless if you do spend the minor or standard action to perform them.

Into the Cave

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