At World's End

The Prophet Falls

Viva la Revolucion

This week saw the death of High Prophet Arjhan, who has been a thorn in your side for almost a year now. Before his death he revealed his ultimate goals: The rebirth of Arkhosia. To sum up his pre-death monologue:

In ancient Arkhosia dragons both metallic and chromatic were the rulers, who held the balance of Tiamat and Bahamut. The two gods were worshiped as two sides of the same coin: each needed the other. Arjhan found a dragon that survived the purging of the dragons and downfall of Arkhosia, and sought him out. This dragon was Ashardalon, or Ashwing.

Arjhan and the dragon struck a deal. Arjhan would rally his people and ready them for the coming of the dragons and the rebirth of their empire, while Ashardalon would return and inspire the dragonborn to rise again. Sadly, Ashwing was less noble and had grown hateful over thousands of years. His return brought not the empire Arjhan wanted, but a dark and twisted version.

Then Krayus hatches, blessed with the mark of Bahamut. Arjhan banishes him so that he will see the splintered way the dragonborn live, and eventually desire the same thing as Arjhan. It took many years, but all of this culminated atop Sunspear, where Krayus slew the prophet and took on the his mantle, aspiring to lead his people to glory once again, where Arjhan failed.

Word ran through the city quickly that Krayus had returned and almost all the citizens gathered around the tower. Though dissenters and those loyal to Arjhan were causing destruction and violence. Krayus calmed the masses (he was bloody terrifying), and inspired them to rally around his cause, to restore the empire of Arkhosia. Was this all part of Arjhan’s plan? Guess you’ll never find out now.

After the stirring speech, General Mance Eramor found you, urging you to discuss the retaking of his country, and his return to the Imperial City. One problem after another, it seems…

Session Log:


  • You have reached level 16! Enjoy a new feat, a utility power, and another paragon path feature
  • You have amassed quite a bit of treasure in the last few days, so please look over the Loot Table and make sure everything is as it should be.
  • Send me updated wishlists if you have the time; I use them so long as I get them.
  • Your Mortal Instruments have all received a power boost upon reaching level 16, so enjoy those. You can check them out here.


Plot Twist! Good session. Can’t wait to kill as and take names again. I was shocked by the ease of the last fight. Guess they can’t all be knock down drag out fights. Orsik isn’t sure that killing Arhjan was the right thing to do, but trusts Krayus’ judgement. (I myself, felt that he had it coming, and that even if his plans were noble his purpose was served and it was more honorable to die a death by Krayus than from any other source.)

Can’t wait for next week.

The Prophet Falls

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