At World's End

Revenge on the Arcanist

Your Yearly Feel-Good Fight

This session saw the continuation of the riots that started with the destruction and slaughter of the guild masters. With two unconscious guild masters it’s tough to escape the carnage, but you do. As you are about to make your escape the Arcanist projects his voice over the city, calling out to you and challenging you to face him.

In the end you walked out to face him in the Plaza of Remembrance. There was a discussion about what had happened, and its summed up like this:

  • The people blame the dragons for killing their guild leaders.
  • The people no longer trust the dragons.
  • The Arcanist wants you to repair the relations between the humans and the dragons by admitting publicly that your actions were under the command of Ashwing.
  • Krayus would be sacrificed as a show of good faith by The Arcanist, so that the people would see you regret your actions against Granville.
  • After the people and the dragons are once again united, you would be allies against Ashwing.
  • Oh yeah, Ashwing is totally looking to raze Granville and recapture the humans there.

The ensuing combat was between the Arcanist and two other dragons: Relistrasza and Cylogosa. Together, the three proved challenging, though your strength has increased in leaps and bounds since you last fought the Arcanist.

As the session ended, you found a crowd gathered around the plaza, looking on with awe and terror, unsure what to make of the scene. How they react will depend on your next moves…

LEVEL UP! You have reached level 15. Enjoy your new daily power.

Session Log:


Thanks again George for running a fun session.

Revenge on the Arcanist

Glad you enjoyed the session. Watching you all own three dragons simultaneously was pretty dang entertaining.

Revenge on the Arcanist

Yeah, now at lvl 15 we are going to need some serious monsters :) It is also always good to throw in many minions along with ranged support for your beefy mobs too. Create combat encounters that are multi-dimensional. Make us have to us some real tactics. Of course it is a fine balance of making some combats challenging without just wiping us out.

Revenge on the Arcanist

I’ve always found ranged minions in paragon to be overwhelming useful in making the PC’s feel the pain. Spread them out so they can’t all be AoE’ed (Although Tallon could probably get a lucky streak of Chaos bolts to take them all down). 5 Ranged minions all plinking away for 10ish damage leads to a lot of damage.

It’ll be good to have a rest through and get Lumi back into working order so he can tank again. Also, thank goodness for Lumi’s ability to Weaken monsters. Without that we would have probably taken a lot more damage in the last two encounters.

Revenge on the Arcanist

It is true: I’m finding it more difficult to challenge all of you, and especially now that you’ve all gotten a rather big power boost with the new daily, as well as an expertise bonus going up to +2, I’ll have to try doubly hard to make things fun and challenging.

That said, I do like the freedom of just being able to throw together monsters and set you loose on them; much less balancing than I was doing earlier (say around level 9 or 10).

And thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely think up some different style battles for you guys. Any other tips or comments are welcome (I like knowing what kind of fights you prefer or don’t prefer).

Revenge on the Arcanist

I like any fight where I get beat on mercilessly. It makes me feel like I accomplished something when I have to spend surges, espcially when other people don’t.

I forgot about the expertise going up to +2 this level. Woo. May I suggest more of those beefy Brutes. They hit like a truck now, and don’t actually miss all that often anymore so it’s really putting the hurt on us. Although as I said above ranged minions and artillery are always fun to deal with.

Lastly, any fights with a lot of movement would be cool too. Something that forces us to move in a different pattern than our normal loose formation with melee trying to flank.

Revenge on the Arcanist

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