At World's End

Revolution Stirs

After slaying three of the mightiest dragons in Granville, your words stirred a revolution in the hearts of the Granvillians, and got them ready for a war, once the General shows up again. Whether you can get the General before the city is destroyed is another matter entirely…

You also were approached by Jarod Umbermoore, guild master of the Metalsmith and Coiner’s Guild, who offered you a sack of platinum as a token of friendship, now that he’s one of the only remaining guildsmen. During the confrontation he admitted to betraying the Pirate Captain Morgan, though it was a job of his, and he was a mercenary. He did steal a bit of the treasure, and gave out a portion to the crew that mutinied with him.

In the end, you got him to apologize to the dead pirate at the mass grave for criminals. The catch is that Morgan was pissed, and so he ended up possessing Jarod and killing him from within, making him bleed out his eyes, ears and nose. After that, Morgan appeared, and hissed at you: “I’m going to hell… I’ll see you there.”

Lastly, Tallon revealed that one of the two people you rescued from the devils at the Wanton Wyvern was his foster sister Ryn (Ariel’s biological sister). You talked with her about her staying in Granville with Alec, a friend of Tallon’s mentor, but now she’s been sent back to Starfall since Alec was killed in the bar.

Next up is the trip through southern Nentir into Alden for the first time. You’ll be passing through (or around) a crossroads city on your way to Devonshire, the ultimate goal. You’ll have to face patrols the dragons’ minions and the harsh ashen wasteland that is Alden. Fun times for all!

Session Log:



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