At World's End

The Monstrous Horror

TPK Incoming!

Part 2

Session Log Part A:

Session Log Part B:

Not much happened. Everyone went to sleep and when they woke up, the group was all together again in a burning and ruined forest. Confused at their apparent setting change while sleeping, the group investigated a large crack in the ground that ran on as far as they could see. When they tried to inspect it, large tentacles burst out of the ground and attacked the players. Defeating these tentacles caused a much larger monster to appear in the crevasse, from the depths.

It was a dome-shaped horror, with dozens of mouths all over its yellow-green hide. Eight large Tentacles writhed around it, with fanged mouths where suction cups would have been on an octopus. This creature had no eyes to speak of, yet attacked the players mercilessly, whispering in a strange and alien language.

This creature’s main tactic was to grab the party and overwhelm their fragile minds with its entirely corrupting will and make the characters attack each other. We ended the session with several members close to death, and there’s no knowing what this creature will do next.

Session Log:



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