At World's End

Tip of the Spear

Fight with Arjhan part 1

A fast-paced session, you were captured and had your weaponry removed from you, and then stuck into sun-rooms, which were exactly as they sound: open air prisons 90 feet above the ground. Krayus, however, was able to fly around to the cells, and deliver some tools to Sorn so he could bust open the locks. Though the commotion caused alerted a Bahamut priest to come investigating; Sorn turned him into a melted pile of bone and cloth.

After everyone had been freed, a second priest of Bahamut arrived, and revealed that he was part of the revolution against the prophet. He had kept all of your gear in the area, to help you escape easier. Along with your gear, you also found a few pieces of loot, but found Krayus’ Bahamut’s fang was missing.

You then raced upward, through Sunspear Tower to find Arjhan at the very top. You found him flying on a drakkensteed on the top of Sunspear, where you began to battle him. The fight seems to be easy, but you’ve only been through the first half so far. We’ll see how things turn out next week!

Session Log:


You found some loot – +4 Elven Cloak, Rapidstrike Bracers, and 110 platinum

Can’t wait to see how this fight turns out next week!


Ok, I’m expecting that a different dragon aspect will spawn from each of the 5 pillars around the tower. Either that or Arjhan will turn into a big ol dragon once we kill him. Something like that.

Tip of the Spear

It was a good session George. Looking forward to Sunday.

Tip of the Spear

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