At World's End

Zombie Pirates

Got a Little Captain in Ya?

A straight-forward session: You crewed a ship to Granville, where you realized security had been heightened, as the entire bay was blockaded off by warships. Not only that, but there were a couple dragons flying about the city.

So you took Spaffy’s advice, and looked for one of the smuggling passages used in the past by pirates; and you found one. An old smuggling cave, which turned into some weird resting place for a pirate captain, his crew, and his pet shark.

You defeated the captain and his pet shark, but his crew is up next, manning old derelict vessels in a cave harbor under Granville. You’ll have to wait and see what happens next!


I enjoyed the session a lot. It seemed to go by very quickly. Looking forward to next week.

Zombie Pirates

I think it should be a requirement that all campaigns have at least one undead shark in them.

Zombie Pirates

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