Loot Table

Group Gold: 161,920 gold

Item Slot Krayus Lumenai Brimtim Runt Sorn Tallon
Weapon Bahamut’s Fang Nehima +4 Battlemaster’s Craghammer +5 Thorn of the World Tree +5 Quickcurse Rod, +4 Solstice Rod +4 Blade of Ruin
Armor +4 Skeletal Stormscale Armor +4 Skin of Agonies +5 Skin of the Earth +6 Leader of the Pack +4 Shadow Warlock Feyleather Armor +5 Parchment Snakeskin Leather Armor
Neck +5 Fleece of Renewal +4 Mantle of Regrets +5 Abyssal Adornment +4 Elven Cloak Emblem of the Darkened Sun Mantle of the Wandering Master
Head Helm of Heroes Mask of Tears Circlet of Continuity Hood of the Wolf Crown of Draconic Guile(Inquisitor’s Helm) Circlet of Arkhosia
Waist Crimson Flame Tabard(Silver Sky Tabard) Baldric of Shielding Diamond Cincture (heroic) - - Baldric of Valor
Arms Bahamut’s Scale(Battleforged Shield) Rapidstrike Bracers Shield of Deflection Iron Armbands of Power - -
Gloves Giantkind gloves (heroic) - - Gloves of Ogre Power Gloves of Eldritch Admixture Hero’s Gauntlets
Feet Battlestrider Greaves Swiftstrike Shoes - Skygliders Shadowdancer’s Boots Feystep Lacings
Rings Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords, Ring of Tenacious Will Ring of Sorrows, Ring of Heroic Health - Ring of the Spectral Hand Ring of Shadow Travel Ring of Traded Knowledge
Boons - - - - - -

Also note: Prestige Points


12 Potions of Vitality
4 Potions of Fire resistance
2 Potions of Lightning resistance
2 Potions of Poison resistance

Wonderous Items

Sending Stones x3
Handy Haversack
Immovable Rod x2
Rope of Climbing
Standard of the Silver Dragon
Cask of Eternal Happy Hour
Vagabond’s Die


Ritual Components
Comrade’s Succor 10 (Mystic Salve)
Speak with Dead 140 (Sanctified Incense)
Eagles’ Flight 400 (Rare Herbs)
Phantom Steed 70 (Alchemical Reagents)
Linked Portal 135/85 (Alchemical Reagents)
Create Teleportation Circle 1,000 per square (Alchemical Reagents) + 5 healing surges
Raise Dead 500/5,000/50,000 (Alchemical Reagents)
View Location 1,600, plus focus worth 1,000 gp (Alchemical Reagents)
Consult Oracle 3,600 (Sanctified Incense)
Planar Portal 5,000 (Alchemical Reagents)
Succor (level 20) 5,000, plus 4 healing surges and a focus worth 5,000 gp (Santified Incense)
Memory Seal 7,000 (Alchemical Reagents)

Not Used:

Item DE Amount/sell
Hat of Disguise 1,000gp
Manual of the Planes

Loot Table

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